WILD Crocodile Tour

Discover first-hand the wonders of nature in the Costa Rican Rainforest. Your adventure starts on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, along the Tárcoles River.


The area is surrounded by mangroves and located in a transitional forest, where literally hundreds of mammals, birds and reptiles flourish.


You will observe a great variety of sea birds, macaws, toucans, and many crocodiles of varying sizes.


Get ready for an exciting adventure as you watch your guide hand feed these magnificent creatures and perhaps even observe a mama croc protecting her young in the wild.

CR Luxury highly recommends this tour, and it is great for all ages!


Tour departs from the Marina Village, located in the Los Sueños Resort


Traveling Time
30 to 40 min to tour location


Length of Tour
2 hours


Scheduled Times
Dependent of Tides


Private Tour Available


What to Bring
Sun block, mosquito repellent, , camera, hat, sunglasses, cash

Diamond Concierge Team

All you have to do is relax and enjoy all the following amenities as the CR Luxury Diamond Concierge Team takes care of all your needs.


~   Transportation to and from the airport

~   All your Costa Rica adventure activities

~   Los Sueños Fishing Charters

~   Tee Times

~   Dinner Reservations

~   Grocery Shopping

~   Laundry Service

~   Coordination with all the Los Sueños Resort facilities

~   Kids club (planning activities for children 4-12 years old)

~   Scheduling all your spa appointments

~   Arranging your transportation within the resort

~   Costa Rica Catering/ Private Chef


Get Your Binoculars Ready!

Our guests frequently tell us that they see more birds on the crocodile tours than any other time during their stay! Costa Rica is famous for bird watching and there are more birds in Costa Rica than in all of North America.


Colorful parrots, resplendent quetzals, delicate hummingbirds, motmots, trogons, breathtaking toucans and more are all to be found within the Costa Rica forests and beaches.


For the seasoned birdwatcher, Costa Rica is a dream come true, and for those who just love watching these beautiful creatures soar, you will also be continually amazed.


Our Beautiful Rental Properties

Our properties are all luxuriously designed and furnished, with breathtaking exterior and interior spaces, that are like nothing you have ever seen.



Enjoy the comfort of a five star accommodation, with the adventure and beauty of the natural environment right outside your doorstep.

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