Horseback Riding

Renowned for well cared for, safe and responsive horses, this tour is great for all ages.


Imagine riding through local farm tracks and stunning rainforest, then arriving at a secret waterfall surrounded by an abundance of exotic plants and wild life. Refresh yourself under the gentle cascades and enjoy, compliments of nature, a skin treatment you will never forget. Excellent fun, for all levels of ability, including those who have never ridden.

Kids welcome.





Traveling Time

30 min to our location


Length of Tour

2.5 hrs


Scheduled Times

8:00 am


Private Tour Available

Animals, Animals, and more Animals!

Costa Rica hosts more than 5% of the worldʼs biodiversity even though its land mass only takes up .03% of the planet’s surface.


The odds of actually seeing wildlife are greater in Costa Rica than anywhere else in the world, and guaranteed on a Horseback Riding Tour!


The country is home to 250 species of mammals, 850 species of birds, 1,240 species of butterflies, 1,013 varieties of fresh and salt water fish, 160 amphibian categories and much much more, with new species still being discovered each day!


Why You Will Never Forget Los Suenos!

Our villas and condos are ideal for the traveler hoping to spend time on horseback, with the stables about a ten minute drive from the resort.


When you are not on horseback, you will have access to all of the Los Sueños amenities, such as the beach club, the Sibo Spa, private pools & jacuzzis, the Marina Village, our beautiful 18-hole 72-par golf course, the rain forest, and of course, our Diamond Concierge Team, whose goal is to take the legwork out of planning the vacation of a lifetime!


Our National Parks

More than 25% of Costa Ricaʼs land is dedicated to national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges.


Our local National Parks are absolutely breathtaking.


Stroll through one of the many trails and watch as the whitefaced monkeys swing along side you, take a ride on a zipline and see the rain forest from a birds view, or take a swim in a pool fed by a waterfall!